Christmas Photo shoot to Canvas for less with Snapbox #Review

You may recall that I was preparing for my family to go and have a Christmas photo shoot. That one of my ideas was about dressing up. Well we thought that we would go for a real Christmassy feel and take our onesies. What I like about photo shoots these days is that you can often purchase the copyright to the photographs and then do what you like with them.

christmas onesie photo shoot

I straight away turned our onesie picture into a Christmas message for our friends – and could easily print them off as Christmas Cards. I think this would make such a personal touch, and really makes the cost of the copyright seem such a lot less.

Not only that though but there are companies such as SnapBox who then can transform your picture into something much more substantial (such as in this case a canvas box) – which would have cost you a lot more money if you had bought it straight from the company that took the photos. In fact I know that some photo studios will not sell their pictures on canvas or in frames because they know they cannot compete, so would have to make them really expensive.

I think ordering from SnapBox is a great idea because so many of my photos are digitally stored and not really seen. Not only that but some relatives do not use information technology so never really see them. Plus I believe that children seeing their images proudly displayed around the home will boost their self-esteem.

Photo shoot to Canvas for less with Snapbox

Snapbox allow you to either upload or e-mail your photo to them, and they will have the product delivered within 5 business days. Prices start from only £19.99 (5”x5”/13cmx13cm) which is an absolute bargain for such a quality canvas. Each SnapBox is able to be displayed on the sideboard or hung up on the wall.

I had promised SnapBox that I would review their product with the hope to do it in time for people to order some as Christmas ideas. This therefore meant that I did not have time to use our photo shoot pictures. I did however select a lovely picture of my son being invested at Beavers. I think this is a really proud moment in my 6 year olds life and I wanted to show him (and everyone else) just that. Displaying it is not only pleasing but a lovely reminder too.

Photo shoot to Canvas for less with SnapBox

You can’t really see how good my SnapBox product is, as the photo of it really doesn’t do it justice. It is a lovely quality and a “box” and there’s a hole separating the photo and the frame – making a frame around the picture itself. I hope that  makes sense – I think it is a great effect.

I have to be honest and say that my order did not arrive in time, but that it was some mix up with my internet connection. This was resolved quickly and politely. I feel that customer service is really important and they certainly provided a good experience. My SnapBox product was well packaged and not damaged in any way (I have previously ordered a canvas which was damaged in transit from another company).

Photo shoot to Canvas for less with Snapbox

I was actually that impressed that I think this picture of my 4 boys together would look lovely on one. I am not sure how much longer it will be that I can get them all together like that, with my oldest starting to think about University, and so this will be a lovely timeless reminder. I think I would order it on the biggest SnapBox is 10”x13” (25cmx33cm) and only £49.99.


I paid for the copyright for the photos from the photo shoot. I was gifted an 8×8 SnapBox which I uploaded a photo of my Beaver being invested, for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.