Day: 19 Decoration Craft & Spooks Apprentice – Book for age 9+

We still have not got our Christmas decorations up, mainly due to our youngest’s special needs. You can read more about Christmas with Special Needs over on my other blog The Sensory Seeker). So I thought a  Decoration would make a  really nice toilet roll holder craft – which would signify the day in which we were putting up the decorations. Obviously all the crafts do not have to be done in the order I have put them, adapt them to how it fits.

decoration trh craftWe simply wrapped some shiny silver wrapping paper around the TRH and secured it in place. Then simply wrapped around some Christmas present wrapping ribbon and a bow. It could also be a present I guess – but this is representing decorations for us. It was a simple craft, that did not take long – but you do not want it to take long if you are then going to go and put up the decorations.

The Spooks Apprentice

When I was a child I loved to read and always had my nose in a book. So it came as quite a shock when I had my own children to find that they just didn’t read. We have books all over our house and I always taking them to the library so there really was no real reason why not. I guess the difference is the computer games. And it is not a boy girl thing either as my husband assures me he was the same. Maybe it’s us – my mom was always reading too, but my children hardly see me doing it.

So for the Christmas TRH Book Advent I wanted to share with you when the magic happened. My second son was about 9 years old and the teacher at school started getting them all to read The Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney, the first of the terrifying Wardstone Chronicles. That was it, he was off and wanted to read the whole series. I’d never seen him so hungry for reading, so much so that I did not waste any time waiting for them to come in at the  library but went and bought him them all new.

I have never read these books,  so asked my now 10 year old son to tell me about them. I think this is also a great skill for him, to be able to summarise and explain to someone else what they are about. Please also consider this when regarding the accuracy of this information.

The Spooks series is about fourteen year old Thomas Ward, who is the seventh son of a seventh son. This means that he is eligible to take on a five year training apprenticeship, and on completion he will become a Spook and protect the county. His birth order means that he has special powers such as the ability to see ghosts and ghasts. The journey involves defeating spirits and creatures, such as the Devil and witches. His mother has also given him the ability to stop time (this has been passed on because she is the first Lamia witch – but you did not find this out until later in the books) – which helps him to destroy the Devil.

My son recommends it because he says that it is frightening, and you do not know what Thomas’s going to do in a bad, place and time. That it is great for improving your vocabulary using high level sentence. For these reasons he also thinks that it is best read by those aged 9+.

ISBN 978-1-862-30853-4


This is NOT a sponsored post, I wish to help to encourage other children to read.