Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Training

Imaginative play is really important for so many areas of development. If you can engage the child in doing something they enjoy they will learn without even realising it. Playing with an adult is good because children can learn the social rules. If parent and child are both interested in the play then it is likely that maximum learning will occur as they are both busy enjoying themselves. My Seeker loves dressing up and imaginary play and so we were both thrilled to receive some Teenage mutant ninja turtles toys/dressing up products to review from Flair.

Turtle Training

We received the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Combat Shell. This was a quick and simple way to transform into a Ninja Turtle. The shell is adjustable and I (just) managed to fit it onto my back, as well as making it small enough for my Sensory Seeker. It can also be transformed into a shield – ready for some defending those ninja moves. The best thing about the Combat Shell is one shell fits all the different combat gear – so you only need one per child (and not 4 one for each Turtle). Sold separately you can team it up with either the Deluxe masks or the Combat Gear.

ninja training

Alternatively there is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dojo – training with soft foam ninja weapons (always good when you are doing your combat with a child!) These fit perfectly into the Combat Shell. We had Raphael’s Sais but also available are Leonardo’s Katana Sword, Donatello’s Bo Staff and Michel Angelo’s Nun chucks. These were fantastic for getting some gross motor movement from my son in a safe controlled way. It was a little tricky for my 5 year old to reach around for the weapons – but I think this encouraged us to cooperate together on this. They were well-made and I have no concerns about their quality (as they are meant to be bashed about somewhat).

Turtle Training

Finally we received a Ninja Practice Pal. This is the perfect way to train with your favourite Turtle. We received Raphael (to match the rest of the kit). This large scale Turtle figure is a soft toy that says over 10 phrases and sounds with the Turtles real voice, in order to practice Ninjutsu moves. Phrases such as want more? activated by hitting it to the stomach (which can also be achieved by throwing him).

This was a fantastic toy and can be used with the Combat Shell and soft ninja weapons. I loved the way that it all helped my son get in character, made him really move about, and he repeated what his Ninja Practice Pal was saying before answering him – fantastic for turn taking as well as his speech development. Also available as Ninja Practice Pal Leonardo, Donatello and Michel Angelo. They require 3 button cell batteries which are included. I liked that it was also soft enough to take to bed – showing that they could still be friends at the end of all that training.

All recommended for ages 4 and over.

We received the products mentioned above free in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.