Help with Chores #Giveaway

There’s been a lot of talk about chores in our house lately. With there being so many of us it may come as no surprise that we feel that we spend a lot of time doing jobs here and there. Our house never seems to be sorted and we are at one of those points when we’ve really had enough of it. So we are trying again with the chore list. The almost 11 year old was keen to help by writing down all the jobs he could think of that we do.

One of the biggest things for me is that I hate the feel of “bits” under my feet. We take our shoes off at the door but yet there always seems to be something irritating my feet. With the garden being in such a state still mud just keeps being brought into the house. I love my kids to get outside and to hang washing on the line, so this is not something that is about to stop. Therefore, I was delighted when e-cloth asked me to try out their mop. You see I had mentioned in my post about my kitchen e-cloth that I didn’t fancy using the same cloth on my worktops and floors. I love how I don’t need to worry about having any floor cleaner, I simply get it wet and use it. I love how it then dries without causing a smell. The shape of the mop is also just perfect for down my stairs (we have just open wooden stairs at the moment). When it gets dirty I can just pop it in my washing machine. I do find it harder to cover a large area as to get it wet again you have to put it under the tap and squeeze it. I did not find this a very pleasant task when normally I’d wring it in the bucket.

help with chores

Readers who have been here from the start may remember that one of my first posts was about the importance of men helping with the cleaning. We do have a balance of jobs in the house and one that my husband ALWAYS does is cleaning the oven. My excuse has always been that I do not have the muscle power he does, to give it a really good scrub. But then we were sent some Oven Pride – and it turns out you do not need to scrub to have a clean oven! In the box you get a huge bag that fits the racks in (we have a 100cm cooker with 2 ovens and a grill), a bottle of Oven Pride, and some gloves. You put your racks and half the bottle of solution into the bag. You spread the other half of solution in your oven and leave both over-night. The next morning it takes around an hour to then clean the solution off with lots of water. You can cut a hole in the bottom of the bag and keep flushing it out with the water. It is really effective stuff but you do need to wear the gloves, and keep children away from it. There are lots of safety instructions and dos and don’ts clearly marked on the box. As the name suggests it is an oven cleaner and not meant for the hob, or the glass doors.

help with chores

After all that cleaning I know I always want a good wash. A shower is much cheaper and quicker than a bath and that is fine, until I need to shave my legs. There’s just something difficult about hoisting my leg up on the edge of the slippery bath and really getting to all the bits I want to reach. So I was delighted to try the ElevEase Shower Step.

help with chores

 Simple to fit, clean and use, the ElevEase is simply a step that you attach to your tiles so you have somewhere to balance your foot in the shower. It comes with instructions and the required glue to fix it to the wall. It can also be used for tanning, exfoliating, making washing easier, moisturising, massaging, nail clipping, nail varnish application. There is a slot for your razor blade but I still like to keep these out of my children’s way. Available in white and chrome so you can have one that best matches your bathroom. It certainly does make things a lot easier – so now I have even less excuses not to be cleaning!

Now one lucky winner can have their own ElevEase shower foot rest. Just enter the rafflecopter below.

UK only. Ends 0:00 am 15/08/2014.

Pinkoddy is just the promoter and responsibility of the prize being delivered lies with ElevEase.

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 So who does the Chores in your house? Do you argue about them? Is there a good split?

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