Pokémon Hoenn Starter Box #Review #Giveaway

Pokémon Hoenn Starter Box My oldest son has been into Pokemon for a long time. He had his first hand held games console and Pokémon game back in 2003 when his younger brother was born (we do gifts from the new baby to the older siblings). So when he heard that Ruby and Sapphire were being released with new mega Pokemon last year he just had to get it. This also sparked interest for his younger brother, who is now 11, and has started attending a games after school club where they play card games. What he was after was some Pokémon card games. I told him that he could have the Hoenn Starter Box from Esdevium Games if he could write me a review for it (always good to help develop those writing skills).

So here it is:

Pokémon Hoenn Starter Box Review

Pokémon Hoenn Starter Box The reason I’m interested in Pokémon is because it’s a turn based game so you can do it as fast or slow as you want. This means you do not feel rushed into taking your turn and can think about your strategy. I like it because there is so much content – with over 700 Pokémon in the latest game, taking a lot of time to catch them all. But when you’re done catching all of them you can either train them all to level hundred (and compare Pokémon with others), or train them up to battle against your friends to see who is better. But if you really want a certain Pokémon and no one you know has one you can go online and look if anyone in the world has the one you want, and you have the one they want so you can trade. Underneath all this is the main story to get the main legendary that’s on the front cover, like in Pokémon Black/White the legendries were Reshiram and Zekrom and in every game there are villains who are trying to capture this legendary Pokémon and use it for evil but you and your Pokémon have to stop them and since X/Y there has been mega evolution which is where your bond between with your Pokémon is so strong that the Pokémon becomes extra powerful.

hoenn collectionThe computer game is based on the Pokemon card game and has the same characters. The cards are not all visible and so it’s random what Pokémon you’re going to get; they could be super rare and worth thirty quid or really regular and only be worth 50p, it all depends on luck and also which pack you buy because there are loads different packs. You can use the cards to battle with your friends or do swaps. I have received the Pokémon trading card game Hoenn starter box. This box includes 3 booster packs; 2 phantom forces and 1 flash fire pack. But that’s not all of it you get an A5 limited edition Japanese writing primal kyogre/groundon (depending on which box you got) the three Hoenn starters: mudkip, treecko and torchic holographic cards as well as a pin with all 3 on. In my three packs I got three rare cards which are reverse holographic gigalith, gurdur and swadloon. There’s also a bonus code card for the Pokémon Trading Game online. The reason I got these cards was so I could add to my collection. This is a cheaper way to buy the packs and a good way to get more rare ones and bonus things.

RRP £12.99

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I received two free Pokémon trading card game Hoenn starter boxes – one to review and one to giveaway. All words are honest and that of myself and my son.