ChillFactor Drink Bottle #Review

ChillFactor Drink BottleThe British Weather is so unpredictable one minute is a scorching hot day the next you are looking like a drowned rat. Therefore, you would be forgiven for being completely unprepared for being too hot and not having stocked up with ice in the freezer for when a hot day arrives. Or maybe you do not like lumps in your drink or your drink of juice diluted. Well the ChillFactor range from Character Options Ltd have the perfect solution with their Drink bottle which chills your drink in seconds.

How to use the ChillFactor Drink Bottle

It really is simple to use and even though it seems straightforward there are also instructions provided. Simply unscrew and take it apart. Give it a wash before every use – the lid, top collar, lower collar and washer all being top-rack dishwasher safe. Please wash the cooler and bottle itself by hand only. The temperatures may only be -25 degrees C and up to 60 degrees C, and only cold or warm water used to wash the cooling pack. Then store the cooler in the freezer, upright for optimum performance – but this may not be possible depending on your freezer type as it is quite tall.

ChillFactor Drink BottleAfter you have left the cooler in the freezer for between 4-6 hours (or overnight if you prefer but you may need to lower the temperature of your freezer). Then take your frozen cool pack and put the bottle back together apart from the lid. Pour in the drink of your choice to the point where the drink meets the holes in the cooling pack – DO NOT overfill. Only use drinks that are chilled or at room temperature. Hot drinks do not give the sought after result.

Place the lid back on and squeeze for 15 seconds. You will know when the water is cold as the bottle will change colour. You can then use the spout to pour your cold drink into a glass, or use straw to drink directly from the bottle.

Verdict of the ChillFactor Drink Bottle

The ChillFactor Drink is simple to use and effectively cooled down the drinks I tested. I liked how it did not dilute the drink or have lumps in it. It was easy to hold and did not leak if dropped – factors I consider important when giving a child as young as 3* a cold drink that they may not anticipate being “cold.” I think the dual spout idea is a great one and makes it easy for the drink to be shared – particularly as it holds 600 mil of fluid. It did change colour a little bit but not really the difference shown on the picture. Personally I don’t think this matters as the idea was to make the drink cold – and it was obvious that this had worked. Drinking straight from the bottle tasted a bit rubbery – but this may fade with more washes. Overall I think this is a great product.

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* the ChillFactor Drink Bottle is for those aged 3 and over.

RRP £12.99 – available in Pink and Blue.


I was sent the ChillFactor Drink Bottle for purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own.