Leo Messi Footbubbles Starter Kit

Leo Messi Footbubbles from Flair are as the name suggests bubbles that you can play with your feet:  That you can juggle them just like Leo Messi! In the pack you get some magic socks (in blue, green, orange or red), a bottle of bubbles, a football dish (to pour the bubble mixture into) and a bubble blower. You then simply put on the magic socks, tip some liquid into the dish and blow the bubbles with the blower in the same way you would ordinary bubbles. Then you can perform tricks without them popping.

Leo Messi Footbubbles Starter Kit

How we got on with Leo Messi Footbubbles

I decided that as it was a nice day it would be perfect just to go down to our local park and play with the Leo Messi Footbubbles. There was an 8 year old, and two six year old boys, and myself who had a turn. It was good that the socks one-size fitted all, but think another girl declined as she did not fancy sharing the socks. In future it would be nice to see possibly duo packs so the bubbles could be passed from one to the other. The bubbles were easy to blow and did not immediately pop. We had a lot of fun with the bubbles and were able to touch them with our feet without popping them.

Instructions say that smaller bubbles are better but we found that the larger ones were more resilient: This may have been to do with the fact we were outside on grass. I wonder whether age is a factor because the boys were more likely to kick the bubble hard (like a football) which resulted in them popping. We were so excited to play that no-one actually read the instructions which said keep away from environmental elements such as wind – so this may have affected our performance. It also says to make sure there were no small bubbles in the tray – again we did have them.

The socks got rather grubby outside but washed up well in the washing machine. I think that our experience may have been very different if we had played indoors but am happy that the product got children playing outside in the fresh air, getting exercise whilst running about after them. The starter kit comes with a 2oz bottle of bubble solution and this quickly ran out. However, there is a jumbo 32oz bottle available to purchase.

Leo Messi Footbubbles Starter Kit

We found it easier if someone blew the bubbles and another person played with them. This was great team work and great for encouraging my boys to play together. Word of warning though – make sure the child using their feet does not get carried away and kick whilst the other person is still blowing!

Conclusions of Leo Messi Footbubbles

I think that if you are looking for a gift idea for a child (particularly a young football fan and) then this could be your solution. They were great fun and could be good for those wishing to perfect their skills better. Not ideal for a very young child or one with no patience as the bubbles do last longer than regular bubbles before popping but still need to be handled delicately.

I received a free Leo Messi Footbubbles Starter Kit in order to review it. All words and opinions are my own.