Wild Pets Scorpion Thorn from Character

New in the Character’s Wild Pets range is Scorpion. Wild Pets Scorpions can be tamed to become pets, by petting them down – which controls their behaviour. There are 3 different modes (Creep, Explore and Attack) plus they glow in the dark. If you are scared of your Scorpion you can contain it in a Spider Habitat (just remember to put him in Creep mode and push his tail down first). With 4 Scorpions to collect: Stingback, Firestruck, Clawpion and Thorn. We had Thorn, which is blue with white markings and black legs/pincers.
Wild Pets Scorpion Thorn from Character

Wild Pets Scorpion Modes

The three modes are:

Wild Pets Scorpion Thorn from CharacterCreep: With blue eyes the Scorpion likes to quietly and slowly move (creep) around an area, This is the tamed pet mode and the mode you need to ensure it is in before putting it into a habitat). If you leave the Scorpion on its own it will turn to Cage Mode (Creep) by itself.

Explore: With green eyes this is the fastest mode, and requires a bit more room – as your Scorpion goes on adventures to discover his environment. Again if left he will revert back to Creep mode.

Attack: The Scorpion attack mode starts by him staying still with red eyes – and then he just pounces! To calm him down again just pet him again and he will return to blue.

Our thoughts on Wild Pets Scorpion Thorn

My youngest two boys are ages 6 & 8 years old and they both loved the Scorpion and are now after more Wild Pets and habitats. Thorn was easy to change between the 3 modes by simply petting him on his back behind his eyes (by pressing the 2 buttons there) and the colour of the eyes made it clear to understand that it had happened.We found that although the Scorpion moved faster on the laminate floor it had no problems on carpet. The tail is important to keep up when not in its habitat as it stops it from running under surfaces where you cannot easily retrieve it again!

Wild Pets toys are aimed at boys and girls aged 5 and over.

RRP £12.99

  • Weighs 0.13 kg
  • Battery: 3 x LR44 (included)
  • Dimensions (cm) 18.2 x 6.3 x 22

We received a Wild Pets Scorpion Thorn for purposes of review. All words and opinions are honest and my own.