Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset Review

Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset

My boys absolutely loved playing with Qixels from Character Options we previously reviewed – I think it was that it allowed them to use their imaginations and be independent. I liked how the boys didn’t need to keep asking for my help, plus also it was something that spanned the 12 year age gap between them. The Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset takes that creativity one step further with turning the creations into something that can be played with, so we were keen to see what it was like.Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset Review

How Qixels work

For those not familiar with Qixels it is the unique method of creating images one pixel at a time using no glue, heat and producing no mess (well apart from the odd dropped Qixel cube): All that is required is water! The design then dries the Qixels together. This means that even my youngest son (who has special needs) could completely do his own safely.

The Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset

The Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset allows users to design their own fortress, create an army and forge mighty weapons. The Castle comes in sections that require putting together. The characters that are created can then be used for small world play with the Castle – as they come with a stand. It is simple to do and patterns to follow are provided (as well as adapting them).King from Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset

The Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset Contents

  • 1000 Qixel Cubes
  • 2 Cube Trays (Top & Bottom)
  • 6 Design Templates
  • 6 Display Stands
  • 2 Display Bases
  • 4 Plug in Accessories
  • 1 Door Frame
  • 1 Draw Bridge
  • 3 Large Floor/Wall Plates
  • 6 Medium Floor/Wall Plates
  • 2 Window Frames
  • 2 Turrets
  • 2 Flags
  • 2 Poles
  • 1 Ladder
  • 1 Water Sprayer
  • 1 Storage Tray
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

Thoughts on The Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset

The boys really enjoyed making and playing with the Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset (however they did argue over who was going to build the dragon and whose room the Castle should live in!). The method was straight forward with the design being placed underneath the frame for the Qixels – and then all that is required is colour matching to the design. Then water is squirted all over and left to dry for half an hour. Previously the boys had used a Turbo Dryer for their Qixels and were rather impatient to just let them dry. We did find that if the Qixels broke away from the design we could just get them wet again and then they dried back together. I cannot guarantee this happens every time or if we were just lucky however.Qixels dragon from Character Online Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset R

What the boys really liked about this set was:

  • The inclusion of Metallic cubes – they look shinier and nicer than the other Qixels.
  • That you can make different versions of the castle.
  • That there are enough Qixels to make everything.
  • That you can place people on the castle.
  • Or you can attach the designs on the separate stands
  • You can attack people or weapons on the poles on the castle walls.
  • You can make the characters fly.
  • There’s weapons and weapon holders
  • It connects with Qixels Weapons Workshop (sold separately)


Qixels can be purchased from www.character-online.co.uk £29.99

Age 4+


I was sent a free Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset for purposes of review. All words and opinions are honest and my own (or that of my boys).