Holland – The Go Karts

You may have noticed that we really enjoyed our holiday to Duinrell in Holland.

One of the main things I liked about it was the fact that normally we are a very technology minded family, who, probably is always glued to an i-gadget or laptop spends a little too much time inside than outdoors, and this holiday really got us outside; spending quality family time together.


Holland has excellent facilities for bicycles, and so it came as no surprise that there are plenty of places to hire them out. We decided, however, to hire out some Go Karts.


 We had them overnight which meant that when the Park closed we could use them inside the grounds (there were time constrictions on entering with Go Karts) one of the many perks of staying onsite.


It was brilliant – we had so many races – and you can imagine how competitive they all are with all that testosterone!!


But even the little ones (who didn’t stand a chance at winning) had a really great time.


I really feel we all bonded together well.


I can’t remember how much they all cost – but believe me, I’m a skin flint careful with money, so it wasn’t a lot. We took our own balance bike too.


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19 thoughts on “Holland – The Go Karts”

  1. Go Karts are on my Coombemill wish list. Looks like they would be a popular addition. A great way to enjoy some outdoor fun. Thank you for linking with Country Kids

  2. I am so jealous, I’ve always wanted a go on one of those go-karts! It looks like you had so much fun there, and I don’t blame you lot for racing around after hours.

    Popping over from Country Kids


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