Hexbugs – Nano V2 and Hexbugs Havoc App

I think that is important that young children get to grips with technology, as it plays such a major part in the world we live in. I have to admit that my iPhone is mine and I do not let them play on it. However, I did buy an iPad as I was told that some of the apps that help children with special needs are not available on android. I do like games that are also toys – such as with Hexbug Havoc. Based on the popular HEXBUG® toys, Innovation First International’s Hexbug Havoc is a free to download app for the iPhone iPod Touch and iPad. Allowing fans to interact with the micro robotic creatures in a new and exciting way. This will make it easier to play with HEXBUG® whilst on the move, leaving the toys at home.

Here is a video of my 6 year old’s first impressions, he was not told what to say at all.

Hexbugs are fantastic little creatures that you simply switch on and off they go. Reacting to sounds and pressure on their antennae to move about. The Nano V2 has 3 additional flexible spines on their top surface, which gives them the ability to climb vertically. Hexbugs can be bought with just a piece of track or with a playset such as the Gravity Loop. These can be easily connected with other sets such as the Barrel roll, Sky Max ad Hurricane. The Gravity Loop comes with one Hexbug, it can then climb around and around in the loop. However, if you put two together in there they go side-by-side in the tubes rather than both pushing for the same spot.


Features of The Nano V2

  • Flip over by itself
  • Head has Horizontal Navigation – allows for navigating around obstacles
  • Legs have Rapid movement – angled, rubberized legs help propel it forward with random movement
  • Motorized body movement – redesigned exoskeleton and advanced technology to help climb vertically.


The Hexbug Havoc Game

The game plays that you are a Hexbug. Using your hands to swipe this way and that to collect coins and avoid barriers. There are missions, rewards, and credits. You can then spend your coins on Power ups, New Nanos, and tracks as they are unlocked. Players need to travel fast and avoid their enemies to unlock new tracks. Bump other HEXBUG® to steal their energy. The best score is displayed so there’s the element of competition too. Simple enough for my 6 year old to understand but exciting enough for my 10 year old to want to play. There are tips and facts about Hexbug every time you start the game. It is fantastic for hand-eye coordination and reflexes. It is also possible to connect with Facebook.


We received a HEXBUG nano V2 Gravity Loop Playset and additional HEEXBUG nano V2 in for Purposes of Review. All words and opinions are my own and no other financial compensation has been given.

16 thoughts on “Hexbugs – Nano V2 and Hexbugs Havoc App”

  1. I”m with you – it’s such a dilemma! Don’t want the kids being hooked on a tablet, but equally don’t want them left behind by technology! Mine are allowed their tablets weekends only – and long flights of course! 😉 Fab post xx

  2. We are huge hexbug fans in this house. I love them as much as the children and I will admit to sneaking a giant green (quite lifelike) hexbug under the door of my sister’s room when she last stayed! 😀

  3. My girls have really enjoyed playing this app and I have to admit I have been playing it too, although Elizabeth still holds the highest score!

    We love seeing what our hexbugs will do and building weird and wonderful tracks for them and we are looking forward to expanding our track selection soon.


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