Shaperise Review and Giveaway

Green Board Games’s Shaperise is the memory shape game designed by winner of the Young Games Inventor 11 year old Sebastian Fleming-Smith.

About Shaperise

Shaperise is a mix between shape and memory with the aim of the game being to memorise the pattern of coloured blocks. The beauty of this game is it can be played in a variety of ways. This allows a fair game for those of different abilities or even wants. Shaperise is aimed at those ages 8 and over, with two to four players; but depending on how you play it can be adapted for a younger audience and more players (or on your own or you could even get into teams).Shaperise game

Shaperise helps the development of observation, memory and recall skills; whilst supporting shape and colour recognition skills. Good for hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, quick thinking, visual perception, attention, concentration and thinking

Green Board Games (GBG) creates board games for the whole family and has frequently been told that SEN children particularly enjoy playing its games.  The company has decided to support three initiatives with the aim of letting more parents of autistic and SEN children know about its games. Shaperise is good for children with Autism because it can be adapted to hold their attention, facilitates the development of their social and cognitive skills; is visual-spatial and bright/colourful.

Shaperise Contents

  • 60 Cards – with 3 difficulty levels (scoring 1, 3 and 5 points)
  • 4 lots of 10 different coloured blocks
  • A rules sheet
  • A timer
  • A nice cardboard box to store them all in

How to Play Shaperise

  1. Turn over a card and look at it for thirty seconds (using the timer provided) and memorise the pattern
  2. Turn the card back over so that you cannot see the pattern and then recreate it from memory
  3. The first person to recreate the pattern correctly wins the card!

If you do not like this competitive nature then you can repeat steps 1 and 2 above but each player just takes it in turns; then it is just whether they got it right or not as to if they get to keep the card.

A third version is that everyone takes a card at the same time and tries to recreate their individual shape – you can then decide whether it is just the first person to finish correctly gets to keep their card or everyone who correctly matches their bricks with their pattern.

A fourth idea is even simpler in that players do not have to memorise the card, the winner being the first to copy the pattern.

If idea four is too easy then idea five is that you see how many patterns can be copied in 30 seconds.Shaperise rules

Conclusions of Shaperise

We found Shaperise to be a good family fun game. It was easy to get out/set up and put away quickly. It was easy to understand and very adaptable for our family’s needs (including a child with Sensory Processing Disorder). Some things it doesn’t say is to be clear on how strict you are going to be – do the colours have to be exact/is there any leniency and the same with the shape (especially some of the shapes made with the spaces between the bricks). I think it would be very useful for younger children just learning their colours too (played with an adult). However, you need to make allowances for anyone who is colour blind and decide what you will do before playing.

We played the second version but because the cards had points on them this meant that the more able players scored more highly and the less able players got upset – therefore make sure you count cards and not points in this instance and explain that the scoring is just for a different version of the game.


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We received Shaperise for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

38 thoughts on “Shaperise Review and Giveaway”

  1. I’d play this game with my children. I like the fact you can adapt the game so the usually winners don’t always win!

  2. I’d play with my Grandson as he loves memory games. I think it’s amazing that an 11 year old invented this, how proud must he be? 🙂

  3. It’s definitely a game to be enjoyed by all the family…grandparents included as I think these puzzles games help keep everybody’s minds sharp.

  4. We often have family Game Sundays with my sister and her family and mine. We are always looking for a new game to play and this one looks great – imaginative and intelligence needed rather than just luck!

  5. I’d play with my nieces, I think it would be fun to see who has the best memory, the young or the not-so-young!

  6. Thank you, I would play with my eldest grand-daughter, she has an amazing memory and quite competitive so this would suit her down to the ground 🙂

  7. I would play with my nephew and neice.I like that you have different ways of playing so you can find the way they like best or alternate the ways of playing to mix it up.

  8. I would play this with my sister or mom. It would be a great challenge and game that can help build those skills that I would love to build up on. So the next time I need to think fast, I can get it perfectly put together without looking back at an image.

  9. I would play with my 3 sons aged 6, 5 and 3. They are learning about 2D and 3D shapes at the moment and they love playing memory games so this would be super.x

  10. i would play with my family alos my neices and nephews and the godkids when they come, they are 7-12 so this seems ideal

  11. I would play with all my family and I think it would be fun as no one would have an advantage so children could beat the adults and it would be a challenge for everyone

  12. I would play it with my little girl. I love that it’s educational. Although she will probably cheet like she always does!!

  13. A simple but genius game- I would be horrendous at it though having the memory of a goldfish . It is good to test your memory on a frequent basis so this would be a great memory exercise and I would play it with the family as a fun family game

  14. I’d play this with my girls, Autumn and Ella. I think it would be a good game as it looks like it could help them with their co-ordination and concentration skills and would also be nice for some family time.

  15. I would play with my partner and our 13 ear old son. It looks a great game because it sounds fun, and you are also exercising your brain whilst playing!

  16. I’d love to be able to play this with all my grandchildren but one in particular is like me in that we both enjoy games that use our memory 🙂


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