Zero Waste Week 2012 – Ladies Do try the Mooncup

Anyone who has met me has most likely heard me bang on about how wonderful the Mooncup is! (especially if I’ve had a drink!!)

You can read about my first experiences of one here

With National Zero Waste Week coming up it’s a simple way you could make a change that I’m sure you wont regret!

Please do go and visit my original post.

What I’d like to add is that this month I’ve had a few issues and resorted to using tampons at the very end. I was actually shocked with how many I had stocked up ready for the next month. How much must go into the production of them, and the waste from the wraps keeping them clean. Not to mention how much I am throwing away down my toilet and the all important cost!

But then I happened to tweet about my problems this month and was advised to contact Mooncup. And they were extremely helpful, polite and even offered to check out my Mooncup to see if it had a problem (which they are sending me a SAE for!). If so they would send me another (even though I think I’ve damaged it tbh) and if not they would send me some hints and tips! If that is not excellent customer service then I don’t know what is!

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love my Mooncup.