Christmas with the Children

My children have been off school because 2 of them were sick and there is a 48 hour rule to prevent them spreading it around. Obviously this meant that they were bouncing off the walls and doing my swede in needing a bit of educational stimulation. You may have noticed that we looked at the Nativity

Dressing up

I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed that again the school are not doing the traditional story of the Baby Jesus but are doing Christmas around the World. Therefore, we did our own Baby Jesus learning through play.

The oldest of the 3 told the next son down the “story” of the birth of Jesus and found a website that illustrated it on his laptop.

This is NOT a sponsored post BUT Sparklebox may have just saved my sanity!

I did like how the free resources they provide on their site catered for all 3 of my children of varying ages (3, 5 and 9).

We made masks




Proudly showing


Then we printed out the Nativity “characters” and coloured them in.

Colouring in the Nativity “Characters”

and then glued them onto toilet roll holders


Then we could place them in the right order to tell the story.

Nativity Rolls

Then we printed out more sheets to colour with a space underneath to write the “story”