A Bug Hunt

ย I’m thinking about money saving and environmentally friendly things for families. This week I will share with you our “Bug Hunt,” a great way to get the kids outdoors and helping the kids to consider the environment they live in, and who (or what) they share it with.


My very organised friend Kate printed off a sheet of things for us to go and find. Then she arranged for us all to meet over the big field down the road.


And off the children went to find the bugs (they also did a lot of tree climbing too).


Off they went in search of bugs. We looked under rocks, and large branches on the floor. I think it’s really important for children to learn about bugs. About what kind of habitats they live in, and what kind of bugs are easy to find at this time of year. This is a great way to introduce the children to a bit of science at a young age.

The children discovered which bugs may harm them and which wouldn’t.

The children managed to suck up a wasp, they were told that it may have become angry, so to be careful where it was released (an adult let it out again in a safe area). Old jam jars could be used to keep the bugs in.


There was a branch that was left onย the ground, and the children were shown that the bugs like to live underneath it, where it is dark, and that if you gently pull back the broken bark you can find all manner of extra bugs that were previously hiding.


We had this device that sucked them up, but to be honest a good old-fashioned pick them up with your fingers was better. Again one of the mothers had this great boxes with holes at the top (to allow the air in) but this could just as easily be achieved by using an old tub (I like to use Flora ones) and make some holes with scissors.buttercupsThen they had a game of hide and seek in the grass. It was a really good game, and once the children lay down you really couldn’t see them.

Before exploring their surroundings.


and finding a den.


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