Sleep with Sensory Processing Difficulties and Joey Swag Review

When we first visited the paediatrician about our son, the first thing she was concerned about was his lack of sleep. She thought that if we were able to tackle that then a lot of other things would fall into place. This is one of the reasons that we tried really hard to settle him into his own room, with things that would interest him. Getting them to sleep, and keeping them asleep, are two very different things. Please note the information on problems with Sleep and Sensory Processing Disorder has moved to The Sensory Seeker.

I was keen to review the Joey Swag Sleep Bag, by Bubbaroo, because it meant that it would keep his temperature and texture consistent on his body. It also meant he couldn’t end up covering his face with it (and putting himself at risk of suffocation). Also as the bag has arms, then it means that he is secured in position, so no worrying about him wiggling down inside it either.


Made from the highest quality fabrics, there was never any doubt that this material was going to irritate him. It is made of a high standard, so no worrying about losing threads, which he would pick at and pull the bag apart.


My nearly 6 year old shows there’s plenty of room for him.

Thankfully they accommodate children up to six years old, and come in a range of TOG weights (Light-weight (0.5 TOG), Medium-weight (1.0 TOG), Heavy-weight (2.5 TOG) and Extra Heavy-weight (3.5 TOG)). You can have them in different colours or stripes. The downside of the Joey Swag Sleep Bag is that there isn’t a dinosaur design as yet.

The Joey Swag Sleep bag is also easily designed to move from the car/pushchair into bed, with the travel system design. They are beautifully packaged in a hanging box with very comprehensive product information, a door hanging temperature guide with information on what to wear. Bubbaroo is committed to communicating how to reduce the risk of SIDs.


I am pleased to say that little man loves his Joey Swag Sleep Bag and has settled in his room rather well.

I received a free Joey Swag Sleep Bag in an exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Many kind thanks to Jill Christmas for allowing me to reproduce some of the work from the Sensory Dinosaurs (which I also received a free copy) in order to get the message out there and help children with Sensory Processing Difficulties. Thank Children’s Occupational Therapy Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust for their helpful input too.