Omzak the Space Cat Warrior #Review

I was sent this lovely Book (with a lovely personal message from the author Jaylen Grace; thank you very much and great pen) called Omzak the Space Cat Warrior RRP £10.99 for a hardback. I think it was for my children to read but unfortunately for them I got my hands on it first. I did originally intend to read it with/to my five year old. It did start that way but think it was a bit bigger than books he has been reading and found it a bit daunting. But by this point I had really got into it and so the poor children really didn’t get a look in.

I like how the Chapters were never too long – I think this is crucial to help encourage some children to read, as they feel they are getting somewhere, or can read in small doses.

Omzak the Space Cat Warrior by Jaylen Grace review

As a parent I loved this book’s educational factor for children – such as introducing them to the story of David and Goliath – even I learnt that Fos is the Greek word for light! It reminded me of Sophie’s World  but for a younger, less complicated, audience in that it dropped in snippets of knowledge through the use of story.

Jaylen Grace is a lifecoach and this is truly reflected in Omzak the Space Cat Warrior as she passes on some valuable lessons to children – without them even probably realising that she is doing so. In fact I think a few adults could also benefit from developing their own Mantra.

The self-development, the relationships, the life lessons – it’s all in there – through a simple story of a Space Cat Warrior sent down to Earth.

I certainly do recommend this book for a variety of ages – younger children may struggle with some of the vocabulary, but will still enjoy the story and the lessons. I’m an adult and I certainly enjoyed reading it.

This would make a lovely Christmas Present.

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I received a free copy of the book Omzak the Space Cat Warrior and a pen in order to review it. All thoughts are my own.