20 Kids and Counting The Aftermath

When watching 20 Kids and Counting maybe I had a biased view. I have been following the UK’s largest family, The Radford Family, since their show 15 Kids and Counting. I have had the opportunity to have numerous interviews with them and even had the pleasure of actually meeting Sue and Noel Radford. But there’s some things been said about them after this show that really do not sit right with me and I really cannot understand why people feel that it is okay to think them, never mind vocalise them. In fact whilst 20 Kids and Counting was on I was actually blocked on Twitter for saying that I felt that the children clearly weren’t going without (a message that the oldest Chris Radford has repeated on social media himself)! I thought I would actually get around to putting my thoughts on to my blog – as there still seems so much interest in this family.Sue Radford and Noel Radford with Pinkoddy

20 Kids and Counting in it for the Money

Honestly I cannot understand how anyone could possibly think that Sue and Noel Radford are in it for the money. No offence to them or their lifestyle, but they aren’t exactly living the high life with flash cars and a mansion in Kensington are they?! They said themselves that the love of their family is all they really want and can’t see how any extra child benefit they may or may not receive is going to be enough to even cover any extra expenses never mind provide them with more money!

Again the notion that Channel 4 are paying them for everything including their holidays is laughable – do people again think that Sue and Noel had 15 kids with the hope that one day Channel 4 would come along and make a documentary about them? Seems the stereotype that large families must be on the scrounge is hard to shake – no matter how hard Sue and Noel Radford have tried to show through the media over a number of years that they are actually all hardworking.

20 Kids and Counting Sue’s age when she had her First Baby

I am sure Sue and Noel would be the first to say that having a baby at aged 14 is not ideal – but really it isn’t all that uncommon. Neither is an age gap between partners – and Sue and Noel’s is tiny really (what 3 or 4 years), the same as myself and my husband. We are not talking about some grubby old man who groomed Sue but a young couple in love who have stood the test of time. People want to be careful what they say otherwise as it is slander. And well not very nice! Again not just for Sue and Noel but the children, especially Chris Radford who they are talking about as if he was a product of statutory rape: He was not! Likewise any comments about Sue’s privates – there’s really just no need is there?! I am sure it is because they have actually taken a look at Sue’s figure and wonder how the hell she does it – she looks amazing, never mind the fact she has given birth to twenty children!sue and noel radford sitting on a big chair

20 Kids and Counting Unhappy Kids

I do not understand how people can keep commenting about how the Radford Children are unhappy. Of course Channel 4 deliberately edit things to get people on the attack with the children saying the opposite to their parents (kids ay, who’d have them?) but all you need to do to see how happy they are is take to social media. In their day-to-day lives they are sharing their happy memories and are also there to set the record straight/defend their family when anyone says otherwise. Why would they do this if they weren’t happy with their lives? Perhaps even whenever you hear them say that they would be happy for Sue to stop having babies it might be more for her sake than theirs – who knows. But making judgements based on assumptions is wrong.

Such a shame that people aren’t making more of a deal about how The Radford Family are bringing awareness of Baby Loss – and how Baby Alfie remains a part of the whole family – and how everyone is coping with that.

Did you watch 20 Kids and Counting with The Radford Family? What did you think? What things have you heard people saying?

Images were with permission from my previous interview’s with Sue Radford and my own.

Above I have considered the comments made I have observed from the TV Show 20kidsandcounting Shown on Channel 4 3rd January 2018 9pm, and all non specific opinions given are my own.