Num Noms Series 1 Collectibles

Num Noms are miniature characters that bring food to life and smell so delicious: Inspired by sweet foods and flavours, such as cupcakes and ice-cream. Already a huge success in the USA Num Noms, the scented food related collectibles appear in the form of mini lip glosses and motorised characters, and have now hit Tesco shelves here in the UK. They can be sniffed and snacked – then race the motorised Noms and enjoy delicious flavour lip balms. Each Num Nom is individually scented for a recipe for mischief.Num Noms Series 1 Collectibles

Types of Num Noms to Collect

Collect them all with the many different flavours, scents, colours, types – the combinations are endless. The Num is the soft, squishy characters – which are the outer and can be stacked high. The Nom is the hard-shelled character, coming in either a motorised or lip-balm format. There are Cupcake Nums (such as Nilla Cream, Choco Nana, Pinkie Lemonade, and Orange Swirl); Special Edition Cupcake Nums (Minty Swirl, Candie Puffs, Red Velvety, Betty B-Day and Choco Berry); Ice Cream Nums (such as Lulu Licorice, Nilla Twirl, Nana Berry, Orange Sherbet, Strawberry Sprinkles, Bailey Bubblegum and Minty Chip); Special Edition Ice Cream Nums (Connie Confetti), Neo Trio and Orange Cream), Motorized Noms (such as Banana Go-Go, Lemony Go-Go, Tropical Go-Go, Strawberry Go-Go, Cherry Go-Go, and Choco Go-Go) and Special Edition Motorized Noms (Bubbly Go-Go and Nilla Go-Go); and Lipgloss Noms (such as Nilla Gloss-Up, Nana Gloss-Up, Pina Gloss-Up, Orange Gloss-Up, Peachy Gloss-Up and Cherry Gloss-Up). Then combine them to make the perfect recipe for mischief – with over 1,000 mix and match combinations.

To turn the Motorized Nom on and off simply press the bow on top of its head. Batteries can be replaced by using a Phillips screwdriver (not included) and a 1.5V AG13 (LR44) alkaline battery (spares not included). They move in a random seeming direction and do turn.Num Noms Series 1 Collectibles

Num Noms Series 1 Recipes

The Num Noms come with a sheet which explains how to create a wacky recipe plus Num Noms Recipes to follow. Each Num Nom and recipe is numbered, in order to make it easier to mark off which ones have been collected. These include Choco Dipped Strawberry, Rainbow Sherbet, Minty Choco Chip, Berry Berry Smoothie, Birthday Party and Strawberry Shortcake).

Num Noms Packs

The Num Nom Mystery Blind Pots (SRP £2.99) – Includes a mystery Num and surprise lip-balm Nom, hidden in a yoghurt style pot. Easy to open, and a great surprise unboxing collectible. This is a fun and inexpensive way to start or expand the collection, plus different flavour lip-balms!Num Noms Series 1 Collectibles

Num Noms Starter Packs (SRP £8.99) Each contain 3 Nums, a motorised Nom, a spoon and a cup or cone. These packs you can see what you are getting – including the smell illustrated with a picture outside of the box by each Num Nom.

Num Noms Deluxe Pack (SRP £14.99) Includes 6 Nums, 2 motorised Noms, a spoon and a cup or cone.

Num Nom Go-Go Café Playset (SRP £24.99) This set features a special edition Num Nom and has everything needed to set the Num Noms free! They can scoot around, slide, teeter-totter saucer, spinning doughnut wheel, or in the peek-a-boo teapot shower.

Thoughts on Num Noms Series 1

Num Noms make a great collectible. They are fun and varied. I like how you can enjoy just one pack, or try to collect them all. Straight forward and easy to use. They are very scented and can smell them as soon as you walk in the room – also can have fun trying to identify them by smell. Stackable means they are fairly easy to store. A nice selection of colours and made of a good quality material. My only real grumble is that each of the 3 packs I received all came with the same sheets, which meant the same recipes – as I only had 1 cup there was only one recipe I could make. I would have liked to have seen different recipe sheets provided in the different packs – but may be that is because they came from the same batch.

Suitable for children ages 5 and over.

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Tell me – How many Num Noms would there be in total for this prize and who would you give them to? (Spoon and case/cone is not included in this total) and enter the Rafflecopter below:
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I received 1 Deluxe Pack & 2 Mystery Pots of Num Noms for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own. No other financial compensation has been given.

82 thoughts on “Num Noms Series 1 Collectibles”

  1. I think it makes 12! I know my niece would adore these and I think she’d become a keen collector of them!

  2. There would be 12 Num Noms . If I won I would give them to my 9 year old daughter , she would absolutely love them ! Lip gloss and a wacky recipe what more could a little girl want. She loves shopkins but I think these are much better x

  3. These Num Noms are going to be very popular, I would definitely give these to my daughter Heidi she would LOVE them she is obsessed with the advert on tv LOL!!!

  4. 10. my daughter has been obsessed with these since she 1st saw an advert for them on telly so I would give them to he, she loves all these little sets you can get that have lots of little characters she plays with them for hours

  5. I’m not sure if my maths is was off after reading all the other guesses, but by my reckoning there are 10!! And they would be for my little girl! 🙂

  6. The winner would get 12 Num Noms. If I won, I would give these to my girls as they love collecting cute little figures like these. I think they would possibly even replace Shopkins as their number 1 as they are scented!

  7. My 6yr old daughter would be over the moon with this. she is a young carer for her 12yr old special needs brother. she deserves a treat


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