Danny Chaucer’s Flying Saucer Christopher Peter

The school summer holidays are here and it would be easy to let my boys have lots of late nights and let them play computer games continuously. Trouble with that is it wouldn’t be very good for their health and they would just start arguing anyway. They are not great with self-regulating their computer/sleep time either so I must have a few things planned for them. This includes getting them out doors, keeping them active, making sure they still have a balanced diet and keeping their brains ticking over. The Sensory Seeker has been learning about space at school and we have previously made a space snack and are looking forward to a visit to the National Space Centre. So it was just perfect that we received a copy of Danny Chaucer’s Flying Saucer by Christopher Peter to review.

Danny Chaucer#s flying saucer

Danny Chaucer’s Flying Saucer

With strong themes about friendship and bullying this book is perfect for those ages 7+ – either to read at home or at school. This book is easy to read, with grammar and language used for the average 7-year-old to easily comprehend. It is a “grown-up”  book in that it has no pictures throughout, and only divided by chapters. It is a perfect read for the summer months here in the UK currently as the book begins with it being hot!

Danny Chaucer’s friend has moved away and now Danny is lonely, and life is boring.

There’s a new girl in class, Nat Ford, and she spends half her time dodging the bullies.

Then a flying saucer lands outside Danny’s home and sinister Captain Frost turns up looking for something.

Albury Children’s – www.alburybooks.com

ISBN: 978-1-910571-31-6 (hardback)

ISBN: 978-1-910571-30-9 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-910571-34-7 (ebook)

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One lucky reader can get their hands on a copy of Danny Chaucer’s Flying Saucer (UK only) by following the instructions on the Rafflecopter and answering the question below in no less than 10 words:

What would you do if a flying saucer landed in your garden?

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I received a free copy of Danny Chaucer’s Flying Saucer in return for a review.