Easter Hunt Lucky Dip and Easter Bunny on Tour

Easter hunt

How do you spend your Easter? Do you do the same thing ever year or do you like to do something different? For me, I always remember going to my Nan and Granddad’s house on Easter Sunday. They often gave me too many Crème Eggs and I don’t like them.  We were not allowed any of the chocolate until Easter Sunday, I had not been brought up religious at all, but my mother was brought up catholic. My husband, however, was allowed his eggs from Good Friday, and every year we get into a discussion about whether the children can have an egg yet or not (as we are not religious).

Easter hunt

We are very aware of the children not eating too much chocolate all at once, although some research suggests that this is better for their teeth. We like to give them an alternative to an Easter Egg (as they get plenty of chocolate), as well as making sure they eat a roast dinner. Another way that we make sure they don’t just get up and start eating chocolate is by making them search for their Easter gifts, which have been hidden by the Easter bunny.

The Easter Hunt Lucky Dip

The great thing about Easter Egg hunts is that you can do them anywhere and in so many different ways, indoors, or out. You can either let the children keep how many eggs they can find, or get them to bring them back and share them out. Last year we tried something different in that we put clues and treats in a plastic bucket with coloured shredded paper. The boys then took it in turns to put their hands in the box and pull out either a treat (such as a small egg, sweets, or an Easter chick) or a piece of paper with a clue on. They then solved the clues together and raced off to find where the eggs had been hidden. Some were simple (like in “insert child’s name” bed) and some more complicated, to make a balance for all the boys.

Easter hunt

We have been really busy this Easter time and so had not had chance to buy any eggs. So I was thrilled to be offered the chance to write a review for Thorntons. They had a great range including white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, special toffee, fudge, for footy fans, chocolates, name chocolate, eggs, chocolate lollies – I could go on. There really was something to suit all palates and budgets. I found some fantastic offers such as the “family pack” we received which was half price (£25. with 6 big eggs, 4 small, 2 chocolate bunnies and a box of mixed chocolate classics). The eggs arrived quickly and well packaged, with none broken.

Easter hunt

Thorntons chocolate itself needs no introduction really – it is high quality chocolate and a real treat for us and the children this Easter. Thorntons also have Harry Hopalot touring the UK find out where you can meet him on his Easter Tour.

Easter hunt

 This year we have also been kindly invited to have Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Blooms Garden Centre . You can have breakfast or tea at a range of garden centres with The Garden Centre Group, who operate 139 chains over England and Wales, until the 24th April 2014.

You may also be interested in our egg decorating we did we made Lego Emmet and Superman after been blown away by The Lego Movie. Our Toilet Roll Holder Easter Bunny, Toilet Roll Holder Chick and Dressing up paper plates.

We are experiencing a free Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and have received free chocolate from Thorntons in return for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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