Robotic Stegosaurus Review

About the Stegosaurus

Dinosaurs are possibly one of the most appealing historical things to children. The Stegosaurus, with its distinctive row of kite-shaped plates rising vertically along its back, is one of the most easily identifiable of the dinosaurs. Pronounced STEG-oh-sore-us this plant eater lived about 150 million years ago in the Jurassic Period. Its name means roof lizard and it was 9 metres long (about the size of a bus!). It also had a very small head and brain for its size and spikes at the end of its flexible tail.

  robotic stegosaurus

.Actively doing something is far more effective than just being told, kids love to learn through play. I was really thrilled to hear that my son’s school were learning about dinosaurs all this term, because I am personally a bit of a fan. In fact I even had a dinosaur birthday party! THE GREEN BOARD Co do a lovely range of dinosaur products and we were very excited to be able to review the Robotic Stegosaurus.

robotic stegosaurus

About the Robotic Stegosaurus

Bring to life your own walking and roaring Stegosaurus, with just 77 pre-cut wooden pieces a sound controller and a motor.

robotic stegosaurus

No glue or tools are needed (apart from a screwdriver to insert the batteries). Recommended for ages 6 and over (however I do feel a 6 year old would struggle to do it alone).

dinosaur education

With step by step instructions it really is easy to assemble. Although the instructions and pieces of wood could be labelled in a more logical order.Not suitable for small children due to the small parts. The final product is sound activated – clap once to make it roar, move and bite; twice – roar, move quickly and bite, and three times roar walk and bite. Roughly it took an hour to build.

You can then paint the product a colour of your choosing. I think this is a great opportunity to head for the books, the internet or even the Natural History Museum to take a look at what colours dinosaurs really were.

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Now you really can walk with dinosaurs, as also available in the Robotime range are Robotime T-Rex and Robotime Triceratops, as well as the Robotic Mammoth.

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E: 30/04/2014

dinosaur education

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We received a free Robotic Stegosaurus and Robotic Mammoth in return for a review. All thoughts are my own.